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The intricate maze of air ducts, vents and heating and cooling systems designed to make our homes comfortable may in fact, be making us sick. These air systems play host to a variety of pollutants, such as animal dander, pollen, dust mites, mold and bacteria. These impurities commonly cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, infections and disease. These tiny particles settle in the Ducts of Central Air systems in modern homes and are re-circulated every time the air conditioner or heater is blowing.

Air Duct Cleaning

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Leading Medical authorities acknowledge that moisture and contaminates found in HVAC systems serve as ideal breeding grounds for mold, germs, fungi and other harmful microbes. This poses a health risk to those who suffer from allergies, asthma, immune system deficiencies and chronic illnesses, as well as to small children and the elderly.

Cleaning your ductwork as well as your HVAC (Heating, Venting, & Air Conditioning) system not only eliminates contaminants, but also improves the efficiency of your system by improving air flow.

Our trained technician can come out and inspect your heating and air conditioning system, diagnose any problems, then take the appropriate action to clean your air ducts.

The Equipment we use to clean the air ducts is effective in all types of air duct construction including flex duct, round metal ducts, square metal ducts, and fiberboard including right angle turns and multiple bends found in most types of duct systems.

Cleaning Process

The advanced cleaning method that we use is the only self-contained method that brushes and vacuums the debris at the same time. Dirt is brushed loose inside the air duct and immediately swept up by the powerful dual vacuums, using two hepa filters. This eliminates the need for a central collection unit attached at the plenum (such as equipment using negative pressure) and because of this, dirt and debris do not have to travel through the entire HVAC system to be collected.

First we remove and clean the registers. Then the technician will start cleaning through the supply vents by working all the way back to the air handler. Dirt is brushed loose inside the air ducts and immediately swept up using our exclusive patented equipment. As he works back through the system, he overlaps the ductwork. This will ensure that you are getting optimum coverage throughout the ductwork system, which is a necessity for proper cleaning. The technician will finish by cleaning the cold air return ductwork with the same process.

HEPA, which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Accumulation, is a highly effective filter originally designed for removing radioactive particles from air. Today HEPA filters are used in military, industrial and scientific applications and in some portable and room-size residential home air filters. Made from finely woven glass particles formed into a pleated filter that has a very large surface area, a HEPA filter — by definition — removes 99.97 percent of all .3 micron particles from the air.)


You can clean your Air Ducts & HVAC Systems, but you cannot clean your lungs.


Get Rid of Years and Years of Built-Up Dirt & Filth Now!

Have your ducts RotoVisioned and cleaned using the very best duct cleaning equipment available today. Using the RotoBrush equipment and methods by a trained technician is the only way to have your Home or Condo’s air systems cleaned. The RotoBrush method is also beneficial for light commercial applications such as: Offices, Nursing Homes, Hotels & Schools. Have your system scrubbed clean, sanitized & deodorized. There is no better method than the RotoBrush way.

Dryer Vents

Last year there were around 15,500 dryer vent FIRES in the U.S. alone! Protect your home and family by having your dryer vent cleaned by one of our technicians once a year.

These images show samples of dryer vents before and after cleaning:

Why We Clean Dryer Vents:

  • Protects your home & its contents from fires, smoke and pollutants
  • Significantly reduces energy operating costs
  • Dryers run more efficiently
  • Dryers will last longer
  • Clothes will dry faster

Dryer vents are one of those “hidden” maintenance items that is often forgotten. The old adage, “out of sight, out of mind” really holds true when it comes to cleaning dryer vents.

After cleaning, your clothes will dry much faster, your dryer will enjoy trouble free operation and you will greatly decrease your odds of a dryer vent fire.

No other equipment cleans dryer vents like the RotoBrush™ with its special rotating brushes and patented powerful HEPA vacuum system combined with the RotoVision Cam™ which can see inside the vent system, all the way thru to the exit point.

Homes – Offices – Condo Associations – Nursing Homes & Laundry Centers will all benefit greatly from this “much needed service”.