Ron S.

Nick is a very nice young man. He cleans up like you said. Man if all people were like him this world would be a great place.

Hear about our customer experience at Cutter Vac & Home Center!

Tim T.

I want to thank you for sending Sean & Greg to clean our air ducts. They were diligent in their work but took time to answer all my questions. They even showed me before and after pictures of our air ducts. I loved their attitude – Thank you.

JoAnn M.

“We had a Central Vacuum System installed a little over two months ago. It has become the greatest “new toy” at our house. ‘Greatest thing since indoor plumbing.’ We put this off for a long time and only till our Kirby needed a fix did we delve into it. From the time of contacting the store for installation to paying the bill we were impressed. The installer was the best and was able to please all our requests at the time of installation. Each time we use it, we realize we certainly did the right thing. We are so pleased with the whole product and the service. We only can ask that all that service stays at that level. So I close with just a big THANK YOU and keep up the good work!

Don & Yvonne

“Thank you for the work and advice with my project this last year. Your help in planning and the flexibility in scheduling and installation made this portion of the project a success in the middle of the whole success. I love showing off the Hide-A-Hose to unsuspecting visitors. People think their central vac is good until they see mine. (L.O.L.) You’ve both been great to work with. Thanks again.”